Breaking News New Jio Phone all details & Image Leak - Jio phone RC545LGoogle console

Breaking News New Jio Phone all details & Image Leak - Jio phone RC545LGoogle console

Breaking News New Jio Phone all details & Image Leak - Jio phone RC545LGoogle console

Reliance Orbic (RC545L) appears on the Google Play Console listing, key specifications revealed.

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In a previous article, we have claimed that Reliance is looking to bring three new android smartphones dubbed as the Jio Orbic Myra 5G, Orbic Magic 5G, and Orbic Maui. Today, the reliable tipster Mukul Sharma has tweeted that the Reliance Orbic appears on the Google Play Console, revealing some key specifications of this upcoming phone.

According to the Google Play Console listing, the Reliance Orbic comes with a model number of RC545L. Qualcomm’s Snapdragon QM215 chipset will power this upcoming phone, and SoC features 4x ARM Cortex A53 cores clocked at 1300MHz. This phone will have Adreno 306 GPU with 465MHz.

Regarding the display specifications, we don’t know much more information about the display. According to the listing, this phone will have a screen resolution of (720×1440) pixels and a screen density of 320 DPI. There is no information about the screen size and the type of display.

If we look into history, when Jio had come with 4G connectivity first time (5th September 2016), the company made it so much cheaper than the other SIM companies. That’s why Reliance had managed to get a considerable amount of profit by the Jio 4G. Because every Indian started using it, it is also expected that newer 5G connectivity featured smartphones, and the company will provide the devices for a much lower price than others.

Apart from it, the company is planning to produce more than 200 million smartphones over the next couple of years. This upcoming smartphone may be launched in the forthcoming December or early 2021 with a data pack bundled with the device.

The Google Play Console has not revealed anything about the storage configurations of this upcoming smartphone, but the phone will come with the Android 10 OS. The phone is expected to have a 5G network connectivity.

The Google Play Console listing reveals bare-boned specifications for the Reliance Orbic (RC545L) smartphone, suggesting the return of the Orbic series in partnership with Google. 

The device is listed with the Qualcomm Snapdragon QM215, which is a chipset designed for Android Go smartphone. The RAM has not been mentioned, but if the upcoming 4G Jio phone is an Android Go phone, then we don't expect the RAM to be more than 1GB.
The Google Play Console listing shows a render of the Jio Android phone, which reveals a tradition screen with thick bezels on the top and bottom. 

The phone will come with an HD+ (720x1440) resolution. Lastly, the phone is listed running Android 10 instead of Android 11, suggesting its announcement could be around the corner.

The Jio Android phone price in India is tipped to be around Rs 4,000 and the launch is expected by December. As per a report, Jio plans to make as many as 200 million smartphones over the next two years. The company also aims to launch affordable 5G Jio Android phones in the future. For now, however, we will be looking forward to seeing how well the 4G Jio smartphone can capture the entry-level market.

The report in 91Mobiles quotes unnamed sources to suggest that the new feature phone is in the planning stages and is codenamed Jio Phone 5. The nomenclature is a tad surprising as we never saw a Jio Phone 4 or even Jio Phone 3 in the past. What we did know is that retailers were asked to take a survey on what features the next Jio Phone should have, back in December 2019.

Also, the sources have confirmed that it is indeed a feature phone, which rules out the possibility of it being the affordable Jio 4G/5G smartphone that Reliance Industries Chairman Mukesh Ambani promised at the company’s AGM event. Further, the device will have alpha-numeric keys, a small display panel and slot-in below the first generation Jio Phone which makes us believe that it could sport a ‘Lite’ moniker.

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The first generation Jio Phone launched at an affordable price of Rs.999 but is now retailing at Rs.699. Going by reports, the Liter version could be sold even lesser for around Rs.399 ($5). This is a drastic price reduction compared to the predecessor but it is expected to retain free calls, internet connectivity with tariffs and come with Facebook, and WhatsApp pre-installed.

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